What People are Saying

“I hired Abby to identify and secure broadcast opportunities and she completely knocked it out of the park. She has fantastic contacts, is professional and well-regarded, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. She secured coverage for Los Angeles on shows such as Today, Live with Kelly and Ryan, EXTRA, and The Steve Harvey Show and began critical conversations with scripted teams. The fact that she has been on both sides of the fence, having worked as a producer AND a publicist, means that she has a holistic understanding of needs, making for a much smoother process. I love working with Abby!”

Jamie Foley
Vice President
Global Communications, LA Tourism & Convention Board

“Over the past 14 years, I’ve been lucky enough to watch Abby grow from being my assistant to becoming an extraordinary publicist. I continue to collaborate with her on projects, not only because she’s a true professional, but because she’s such pleasure to work with. She’s a meticulous writer, has wonderful relationships with the media and her experience as both a producer and a publicist has given her an edge over other media consultants I know.


Laura Mandel
Founder and President of LDMPR and Former Senior VP of Publicity at Telepictures Productions 

“If you are considering working with Abby Oppenheim you are in for a treat! Abby worked at The Ellen Degeneres Show for several years, and if we had our way, she’d still be here. She initially had a temporary position, but since we loved working with her so much, we found her a permanent place on staff. She is smart, sweet, self-motivated, and in general fun to be around.”


Ed Glavin
Executive Producer 
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

“I’ve known Abby for many years and have worked with her as both a producer and as a publicist. In each instance, she gets the job done with a smile on her face. Abby’s writing and communication skills, along with her amazing media contacts, allowed her to secure coveted coverage for Life of Dad. She’s been a great addition to the team!”


Tommy Riles

Life of Dad

“Abby is a talented pro and a pleasure to work with. She understands what it takes to tell a great story and how to put those pieces together for producers, editors and reporters. She also understands how to help clients get the most out of their media interviews. She’s been a valuable resource for our team.”


Jon Pushkin

Pushkin Public Relations

“Abby is organized, professional, and proactive with tremendous follow through.  Her passion for our business allowed her to get to speed quickly on the dynamics of our fast-moving industry.  Having worked in entertainment, she’s thoughtful about her audience and crafts the story-line appropriately, so everyone loves working with her.  But perhaps most importantly, she takes ownership of our business as if it’s her own and leverages our time appropriately and efficiently.”


Dayton Miller

Managing Partner
Boulder Food Group

“Abby has been a proactive, adaptable and dedicated extension of our team. She’s always thinking one step ahead (as our highly seasonal business dictates) and has helped us secure a ton of valuable coverage through her network.”


Jens Nicolaysen